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Welcome to Andipa Gallery's Banksy Currency Sale  Following on from a successful pop-up sale, we have a second limited allocation of Banksy Di-Faced Tenners available from 2004 with provenance documentation on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Only a small proportion of these bank notes originally produced are in circulation and almost none of them have any sort of authenticity documentation. Because of this lack of verification Andipa has historically been reluctant to include these notes in its collection...until now. This is a rare opportunity to get an authentic Banksy banknote accompanied by an official hand-signed letter of provenance by Banksy's original art agent, Steve Lazarides of Laz Inc.

Andipa has secured a letter of provenance with verifiable due diligence for each artwork. Purchases can only be made
on this site and a limit of 2 works per client applies. See the story for details about the bank note and what you get when you buy. 

Discover our signed & unsigned Banksy prints for sale at our dedicated print website Andipa Editions. Alternatively, browse all original Banksy artworks for sale at our new website Andipa Gallery.

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