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The Di-Face Tenner makes us rethink the value of money and the cost of wealth and power in terms of how it affects us as individuals and a society.

The first version of Banksy's Di-Faced Tenner was produced in 2004, on a single sheet with five counterfeit £10 notes, showing both sides, released as a signed edition of 50. Banksy also released an edition of 32 artist proofs in a single tone colour. The relatively low edition size of this work continues to drive a high demand from collectors today.

The title ‘Di-Faced’, plays on the word defaced creating a counterfeit parody the £10 note by replacing the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II with that of the late Princess Diana. Instead of Bank of England, the note reads, ‘Banksy of England’ and below the banner, an inscription reads, ‘I promise to pay the bearer on demand the ultimate price’, a reference to the fate of the Princess. With regards to quality and production, the note is printed using inks on paper almost identical to that used on official UK-issued currency.

Banksy produced the notes in August 2004 and at least 100,000 were known to be printed adding up to a million pounds in fake currency. He created them for a stunt in which he dropped a suitcase full of the fake tenners into the crowd at the Notting Hill Carnival as well as at the Reading Festival. Many people got their hands on one or more and some even spent it as legitimate currency. While causing controversy in his own way, Banksy was never actually charged for counterfeit.

The market is now littered with fakes and almost all sold with no provenance or evidence of authenticity, going for anything up to £2,500 GBP.  Other than a few events since those in 2004, the notes have largely stayed in Banksy's possession. He talks about this in his film Exit Through the Gift Shop, which is a must-see for any Banksy fan (if you haven't seen it already!).


Today, Banksy is at his height and his popularity and market doesn't show any signs of slowing down. His recent record-breaking sale at Sotheby's London for Devolved Parliament at £9.9 million crushed the artist's previous auction record at $1,870,000 for Keep it Spotless at Sotheby’s New York in 2008. 

His proficiency in his work and relevancy in subject matter keep Banksy at the forefront of global news and he does this on his own terms - a persona the market loves and will continue to reward in the future. 

For the first time, from our private collection, Andipa are releasing a second limited allocation of banknotes created by Banksy in 2004. To purchase please click below. 


'Million-Pound Briefcase'



The first edition of 50 Banksy produced in 2004.


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